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Allin1-travel Ireland respects your privacy. Below is an outline of what information this site gathers and how it’s used:
Whenever your request a page, your IP address, browser and version, operating system and the site you came from are stored in a log file. This information cannot be used to identify a specific individual. This information is only used for statistical purposes to help improve this site and provide accurate statistics to help us understand site usage. Any email addresses collected by Allin1-travel Ireland are not sold, or disclosed to a third party. The email addresses collected will only be used to send you information that you request from us.
Cookies on this site are used to customize your browsing experience. Cookies cannot be used to identify specific individuals. Whilst we believe that the use of cookies can enhance the experience of visitors to the Allin1-travel Ireland website, their use is not a requirement for delivery of content. The information contained in a cookie is only kept on your machine and is not accessible by Allin1-travel Ireland or anyone else.